From Human Resources

Initiatives promoted by Human Rsources

The Human Resource’s team promotes different activities that focus on promoting healthy habits and a comprehensive view of health and wellbeing. 

CIEDI - Promueve actividades en la promoción de la salud integral de todos los colaboradores del colegio


Our health week takes place once a year, and its objective is to carry out detailed monitoring of the occupational health of our staff. Aspects such as posture, voice, weight control, monitoring of pre-existing conditions, among others, are included in these valuable activities.

CIEDI - Capacita en salud y seguridad social a sus colaboradores


As part of our comprehensive community well-being program, training spaces are carried out, to review topics, offer tools and resolve teachers' concerns, related to all aspects inherent from a development perspective in the teaching and learning process. Additionally, we seek to strengthen the skills of detection, attention, and redirection to the emotional needs of students.

CIEDI - Celebración de Cumpleaños de nuestros colaboradores


Activities designed to celebrate the lives of our staff and create special moments for the entire community.

CIEDI - Reconocimiento a colaboradores que se hayan destacado durante el mes


These sessions aim to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, through developing training programs that facilitate the identification and control of risks in the workplace.