Who are we?

We are a learning community that inspires and forms integral human beings, to build their life project and lead the transformation of their environment.

Co-educational classes- Calendar B – Bilingual – IB Continuum – Holistic Education

Our values

Autonomy, Solidarity, Responsibility, Honesty and Respect

Our formula to accomplish balance in education

Holistic, being-centered education: Socio-emotional + Intellectual + Physical

International educational IB quality + Cognia + Non-traditional Pedagogic innovations: Integrated STEM and Nature’s classroom

Emotional wellbeing as priority + Stringency to accomplish every project in life

Learning community where we value experiences + healthy and meaningful relationships

House-School team to accompany the processes and the evolution of each student, who is unique and irreplaceable.

History of an evolution

CIEDI is born


New site


First promotion


Bilingual project-Calendar B


IB Curriculum International school


French as additional foreign language


Quality certification


Cognia Journey


Integrated STEM


Nature's Classroom


What do we aspire to achieve?

To be recognized by our comprehensive educational model, the formation of transformative human beings within their environment, and the implementation of pedagogical practices based on research and innovation.

Our Head of School

Felipe Palacios Gutiérrez

Twenty years ago, life gave me the opportunity to discover my purpose: to work in education; a labor of service that allows me to appreciate how the effort invested day by day becomes the contribution for children and young people to achieve their life goals.”

He is a leader in International Education boasting over 15 years of experience. He possesses a deep understanding of the diverse spectrum of International Baccalaureate® (IB) programs, and an expert in pedagogical frameworks such as: Evidence-Based Integrated STEM and Cognia's holistic approach aimed towards a continuous school improvement.

Driven by a firm belief in the transformative power of collaboration and transcending boundaries, he recognizes the profound impact that forging partnerships with the tertiary sector and industry can have on fostering positive societal change and driving innovation in society. He has leadership skills and strategic thinking, as well as an openness to constantly learn from and with people.

Our founder

Clara Gutiérrez de Palacios

“I teach since I was little. I give a little bit of me to each one of my students and I receive a part of them. My body, heart and mind are full of all of you, full of the CIEDI Community. We are a collective and when we work as a team, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. We are because of you. We improve because of you. We remain committed because of you.”

With a deep love for education and a visionary mindset, Clara Gutierrez de Palacios pursued in 1977, the construction of an educational project based on the recognition of each human being as unique and irreplaceable. That is how the international school of individualized education, CIEDI was born. Clarita as we all call her dearly, has been working as a teacher for more than 50 years, making her childhood dream come true, and she has been upfront the growth and evolution of our dear CIEDI for 43 years. Being so young she became a nun, and although she left her habit she continued on the path of pedagogy. She traveled to Spain to study Psychopedagogy, she worked at the Nueva Granada School and specialized in Individualized education at the Alabama University.
Her purpose from the beginning was to educate from individuality. “Students were and are the core of my dreams: upright, analytical, curious beings, desired to build up knowledge. I wanted to apply everything that I knew to educate child by child, understanding each one strengthening their flaws and enhancing what they are good at. That is CIEDI’s essence, which is why, is still standing. Convinced of the importance of the human being as center or the educational process, Clarita has driven the development of CIEDI’s educational model, focused on the construction of life projects that inspire to transform.
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Our Location

Our school is located in between the Thomas Van der Hammen Natural Reserve, which allows our students to breathe fresh air, get close to nature and raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the wetlands.

How to get to CIEDI?

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