Colegio Internacional de Educación Integral

International Baccalaureate – Calendar B – Trilingual – Mixed

Founded in 1977

At CIEDI we inspire to transform!

We are an international, mixed, calendar B, trilingual and multicultural learning community.

We recognize each human being as unique and unrepeatable, that is why we develop an individualized teaching curriculum.

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CIEDI had the three certifications of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs since 2008.

From the beginnings CIEDI,  has been recognized as one of the best schools in Bogotá, being a pioneer in the implementation of the International Baccalaureate programs back in 2006, it is currently one of the 12 schools that has been accredited the certification of the three IB programs in Colombia. 

CIEDI - Cuenta con las tres certificaciones del Programa del Bachillerato Internacional (IB) - Como modelo aprendizaje
CIEDI - PEP - Modelo de aprendizaje inicial para niños en el desarrollo de la expresión y conocimiento

The PYP sets the beginning of a learning journey that will last for a lifetime. It educates sympathetic and open-minded children from the ages 3 to 12, who are aware of cultural differences and are capable of actively participating in their own learning process.

PAI - Programa destinado a alumnos de 11 a 16 años en el desarrollo de la confianza por medio del aprendizaje en el aula y la realidad en el entorno

After building and solidifying an academic ground, the MYP develops the students’ confidence, allowing them to manage their own learning and to establish connections between what they learn inside a classroom and real-world issues.

Programa del Diploma se fundamenta en la formación de jóvenes solidarios con el deseo de aprender y destacar para su vida y aprendizaje profesional

DP is a program that is ready to prepare them for the future. It develops an inquisitive mentality within the students and enhances their desire for learning. It sets them to standout throughout their professional trajectory and to carry a purposeful life.

Student Life

Our students’ projects inspire change and the positive transformation of out society. They are examples of our school values: Autonomy, Honesty, Solidarity, Commitment and Respect.  


Creativity, Activity & Service.


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