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¡At CIEDI, you will always find an answer, we invite you to read some of the most frequently asked questions from families who aspire to be part of the CIEDI community!

The admission processes start in August of the year previous to the entry, and end once the available quota had been assigned. However some families prefer to make the admission process two years in advance.

Our younger students enter being 3 years of age, maximum they must turn to be that age by August of the initiating year to enter ‘Prekinder’ grade.

No. the students that enter CIEDI with ages 3 or 4 should not be proficient in a second language. Students entering at a higher age than these, English level test might be required.

Yes. CIEDI is a bilingual school (English-Spanish) and we have French as a third language.

Yes. CIEDI is a co-educational mixed school from Pre-school to eleventh grade.

CIEDI is a school where the education in all human dimensions is important. This is why in addition to developing thinking skills through the academic excellence, we provide all the socio-affective tools that our students need and we help them to grow as integral and balanced human beings.

Yes. There is a homework policy in CIEDI that emphasizes the purpose, an extent and coherence of assignments. In CIEDI homework is expected to be concise, coherent and short.

CIEDI offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities encompassing arts, sports, technology, allowing our students to choose activities they want to practice, beyond the regular curriculum. They take place after the school day and all of them occur on the school campus, with the exception of tennis and swimming.

Prevention is always a priority, approached collaboratively families. For CIEDI is fundamental that our children grow up in a healthy environment with a strong sense of community and respect for others.

Led by the psychology department, the affectivity program focuses on preventing and addressing any conflicts among students in a timely and assertive manner.

No. At CIEDI fees are exclusively associated with annual or monthly payments for enrollment, tuition and additional services.

On average, there are 20 students in grades of primary and secondary school sections. In Pre-school classes, groups are of 18 students in average, facilitating the crucial individualized attention needed in the early years.

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