What is nature’s pedagogy?

Nature’s classroom is an approach in nature’s pedagogy which promotes cross-disciplinary teaching in natural environments starting from pre-school first years, and which encourages girls and boys in early childhood to discover the world through senses, enhance creative thinking and know themselves better to develop all of their potential through exploring and playing.

In CIEDI our international school, we know that learning in contact with nature is crucial for the development of beings capable of observing beyond their immediate context, and capable of understanding and getting around today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

We make the educational experiences go beyond the classroom, finding a variety of learning environments within nature.

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Our CIEDI school speaks about nature’s pedagogy for a change, and its benefits towards holistic education in early childhood.

Benefits of Nature’s classroom

This pedagogic approach has numerous positive impacts for the holistic development of the children: 

Co-operation, empathy and solidarity 

Problem solving through discussions and listening 

Confidence, autonomy and independency

Sensation of well-being and calmness 

Team work

Emotional management 

Environmental sensitivity 

Knowledge of the world through exploration

Meaningful and lasting knowledge 

Risk assessment 

Decision making

Creative and critical thinking 

Curiosity stimulation 

Language enrichment

Environmental consciousness 

Development of gross and fine motor skills 

Activation of the body 

Exploring through senses 

Sensory stimulation 

Autoimmune system Strengthening 

Language enrichment 

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In our school CIEDI what is natural is to enjoy learning!

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