Get to know our School Services.

At CIEDI we care for our students’ wellbeing and safety which is why we have allied with expert professionals and providers who help us take care of our entire community.  

Transportation services are provided by our school in alliance with LOBENA, a high-quality, well-known, transportation company, governed by demanding security measures.

The routes cover the city down to the Salitre Sector in the south and up to the town of Chía in the north.

The buses have GPS devices through which parents can track the route, identify the location and speed of each bus. It can be checked through the On Track App.

Each driver is accompanied by a bus monitor in charge of maintaining discipline and ensuring the students safety. Each of them maintains communication with the school’s transportation coordinator so that any issue can be adressed effectively.

Additionally, we provide transportation service for extracurricular activities at the school, in this case the routes reach central stops in the north of the city for students to be picked up by their parents or guardians. Our service also covers the transport for cultural, sports or recreational outings that take place within the urban perimeter of Bogotá during academic hours.

 Our restaurant service has been provided by a catering company, Aldimark, since 2008.El servicio de restaurante es prestado por la empresa desde 2008.

Aldimark, has 26 years experience in institutional food services and complies with high standards of quality and hygiene required by current regulations.

With this strategic alliance, CIEDI seeks to promote healthy eating habits that contribute to the well-being of the entire learning community.

The meal program for students in Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade includes two snacks (morning and afternoon) and lunch. For high school students, the meals are a morning snack and lunch.

At our First Aid Attention point primary care for the entire community is provided in case of accidents as well as common illnesses, for the entire community. Additionally, there is a “Friendly Room,” that complies with the isolation measures established by the national government, where students can relax whilst they wait for their parents to come and pick them up.

The Infirmary is run by a head nurse, who is also in charge of disease prevention and health promotion.

She is also on duty during extracurricular and athletic activities.

Contamos con el Plan Accidentes Juvenil de Seguros Suramericana que cubre 12 meses calendario a partir del mes de agosto.

  • En caso de requerir atención tenga a mano los siguientes datos:
    Número de la póliza: 085002008500
    NIT: 860350127-8
    Vigencia: 01-08-2023 a 01-08-2024.
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