This is how children learn during their primary years.

La indagación es el camino para construir conocimiento. Con nuestro enfoque transdisciplinar los niños aprenden a ver el mundo como un todo 
Primaria en CIEDI - El conocimiento a través de la indagación

CIEDIs Primary school allows students to learn to live in the modern world through diverse strategies and activities that promote a realistic, dynamic and fun understanding of life. We apply experiential learning through projects that students develop in the units of inquiry and varied opportunities for exploration that the students look forward to. In this stage of their academic career (grades 1 through 5) our students become more autonomous in their learning process while family and teachers continue to create fundamental support for studentsindividual development in our learning community. 

 The plan of study in the Primary section is student-centered and focused on concept-based learning, the inquiry process, as well as collaborative and creative work guided by the transdisciplinary learning in the Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate. 

 Primary students learn in two languages: their native tongue (Spanish) and the language of instruction (English). In grade 4, French is introduced as a third language.

Students acquire knowledge and develop skills through an inquiry program that integrates the different areas of knowledge. Students are familiarized with situations that have global, and local significance, developing essential habits such as the capacity to conduct research, effective communication, adapt to diverse social situations, make decisions that affect their own life, and think creatively and critically. 

We count on committed and highly qualified educators to create a safe learning environment with a strong sense of community. Teachers place a strong emphasis on diversity and the formation of global citizens while encouraging universal values, promoting the attributes and attitudes of an IB learning community. 

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