Primary Years Programme at CIEDI

Every student is a unique human being and in CIEDI, we help them to discover their talents and enhance their abilities.

In Primary, we continue to strengthen and develop students socio-emotional skills, with a focus on wellbeing and community, to help our students thrive as individuals and have strong bonds with their peers. We work on the important building blocks of children’s learning, deepening and enhancing their understanding ,and connecting ideas and concepts with increasing complexity appropriate for their stage of development.

Children’s natural curiosity leads their learning in CIEDI, and student questions are fundamental in guiding the inquiry. Student questions are crucial and are embedded into the lesson planning process, allowing teachers to create dynamic and interesting learning experiences that are guided by students prior knowledge, their voices and ideas, as well as choices they make throughout the learning process. Children are listened to in CIEDI, they have opportunities to express, question and lead in a way that is meaningful to their learning, as well as developing their socio-emotional, organization, independence and teamwork skills.

Innovative pedagogies

CIEDI is led by innovation, using the IB Primary Years Program, innovative pedagogy such as Singapore Maths, iSTEM and Thinking Routines, to ensure that both what and how we are teaching is at the forefront of developments in education. Curriculum design is rigorously developed to both national and international standards, to ensure that we scaffold and guide student learning to prepare them for a brighter future.

Meaningful connections with the wider world

We have integrated STEM Units of Inquiry, where the students learn through a central idea and lines of inquiry deliberately designed with STEM learning experiences in mind. The students learn both in and outside of the classroom, connecting their STEM skills and problem solving in a dynamic way, utilizing our Makerspace, Design, Technology and Science labs, as well as our green spaces and biodome, to enhance their creativity in solving real-world problems in context.

PYP Exhibition Projects

In 5th Grade, at the end of their Primary journey, students develop PYP Exhibition Projects where they work in small groups to investigate real-world problems linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The students research, refine and demonstrate their learning through these projects over month, and with the support of mentors in school, where they are encouraged to take meaningful action and think of and develop solutions to the problems they selected. The PYP Exhibition culminates in a day where the students show their projects to the school community, inviting parents, relatives and other students in order to share their learning journey, skills and solutions that they have worked on throughout the PYPx process. The aim of the exhibition is for 5th graders to put into practice their learning and skills they have developed throughout the PYP program in a final project that has meaning, depth and connection to the world they live in.


Student Wellbeing is a central pilar of CIEDI and a fundamental part the PYP team are our skilled psychologists in the BIPRODEHU department. In Primary we have two psychologists who work hand-in-hand with students, parents, teachers and coordination to ensure the support and development of the students as holistic human beings, with the skills and attibutes to help them thrive both now and in the future. Specially selected learning programs and experiences are designed to help children express and understand their emotions, resolve problems, face challenges and support their socio-emotional wellbeing. Virtual, hybrid and in-person workshops with parents ensure we can work together to help support the students, and the individualised follow-up system ensures that student needs are front and center in everything we do here in CIEDI.

In CIEDI we focus on each individual student, their strengths, their interests and their voice, in order to help them grow in a holistic way. Student wellbeing and happiness is central, and working in open communication with parents in the Home-School team, allows us to support our students to thrive in an environment that puts their needs first and foremost. The balance of innovation and tradition, with learning guided by international educational developments, in a school community that cares, ensures that our students are prepared with the knowledge, skills and abilities they need for future success in Colombia and the wider world.

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