Frequent Questions

Some answers to those key questions about our School.

At CIEDI you’ll always find an answer. We invite you to read some of the most frequently asked questions that the family’s, who wish to join our CIEDI community, usually have.  

When should I start the admission process?

Admission processes begin in August of the year prior to admission, and end once the available places have been assigned. However, some families prefer to complete the admission process two years in advance. 

What is the minimum entry age?

Our youngest students enter Pre-Kinder when they are 3 years old, in August of their first year.

Do children have to come from a bilingual kindergarten?

No. Students who enter CIEDI at the age of 3 or 4 do not need any command of the second language. For students who enter with ages of 5 or above a leveling in English is necessary.

Does the school have a third language?

Yes. CIEDI is an English-Spanish bilingual school, and students study French as a third language.

Is it a coeducational school?

Yes. CIEDI is a coeducational school from Preschool to Eleventh Grade.

Does the school have any religious orientation?

CIEDI has been a Catholic school since its foundation, however, not all our families are Catholic, as an international school, we are open to receiving families from all cultures.

Is it true that CIEDI is a very academic school?

CIEDI is a school where the development of all dimensions of the whole child is important. Therefore, in addition to developing thinking skills through academic quality, we also focus on the socio-affective skills that our students need to help them grow as integral and balanced human beings.

Does the school give homework?

Yes. In CIEDI there is a homework policy, which focuses on tasks that are significant, coherent and extend student understanding. In CIEDI homework assignments should be Concise, Coherent and Short.

How is bullying handled?

Always from the perspective of prevention and as a team with the family. For CIEDI it is essential that our children grow up in a healthy environment, with a high sense of community and respect for others. That is why, led by the psychology department, actions are taken in a timely and assertive manner to prevent and address any conflict situation.

What extracurriculars does the school offer? Are they taken on campus or off campus?

CIEDI has a diverse group of extracurricular activities focused on arts, sports, and technology, which allow our students to choose the activities that they want to practice.   Extracurriculars are taken after the end of the school day and all are held on the school campus, except for tennis and swimming.

Does the school have a voucher (or similar)?

No. In CIEDI the rates correspond only to annual or monthly payments, which are made for tuition, fees, and additional services.

How many students are there per class?

20 students on average, in elementary and high school. In the preschool courses, the groups have 18 students on average, facilitating the individualized follow-up that is so important in the early years.

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