Our protocols

What are our biosafety measures?

At CIEDI, we stay abreast of with the best practices to promote healthy habits for the wellbeing of our community
Our CIEDI Biosafety Measures

Disinfection points

  • Disinfection points (dispenser with glycerin alcohol) are located in several points across school; additionally, there are portable hand wash basins promoting hygiene, located in open areas to guarantee physical distancing.


  •  Facilities and areas with high personnel traffic are cleaned and disinfected daily. Additionally, a generla and through spraying is performed at the end of each school day.
  • To ensure that our facilities have sufficient natural ventilation we constantly monitor CO2 concentrations in the classrooms.  Measurements have shown excellent results, confirming more than adequate ventilation inside our classrooms.

Educational campaigns

  • We carry out educational campaigns through infographics, virtual billboards, and brochures, with information focused on appropriate and expected behaviors on campus.

Outdoor activities

  • Since the school has plenty of green areas, activities can be carried out outdoors, guaranteeing physical distance in Physical Education, Corporal Expression, or Integration activities.

CIEDI - Biosafety and Outdoor Activities
Biosafety-CIEDI- Handwashing and disinfection-A safe environment

A safe environment

  • Our classrooms are safe spaces: they have adequate natural ventilation and sufficient space, which guarantees physical distance for our students.
  • Break times are divided so that sections do not meet at the same time in the areas specified for recess.

Our Contingency Committee

  •  Our Contingency Committee coordinates and leads the implementation and evaluation of the school’s biosafety protocols, and makes the most assertive decisions for the safety of the entire community in the face of this new reality.

How do we guarantee biosafety on campus?

  • The school constantly implements educational campaigns for the entire community.  Students are accompanied by an adult at all times, both inside and outside the classroom guaranteeing that we always keep appropriate physical distance and that we always wear a mask correctly when appropriate to do so.
Biosafety-physical distancing in pandemic
  • The school has invested heavily in interactive screen which permit students at home to instantly interact with both teachers and their peers in the classroom, allowing us to ensure quality and equality of access to both presential and virtual students
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