Our protocols

Which are our biosecurity procedures?

At CIEDI we are keeping up with the best practices in order to promote healthy habits, which help us promote our community’s wellness.  
Our CIEDI Biosafety Measures

Facial Recognition

  • CIEDI has installed an electric facial recognition system which allows us to know the temperature of every member of our community as they enter and leave the school.  This information is used concurrently with the auto diagnostic checklist completed daily by members of the community.

Disinfection Points

  • Gel dispensers are placed at strategic points all around the school and portable hand washing basins have been installed in outside, naturally ventilated, areas permitting frequent hand washing.

Phisycal Plant

  • Cleaning and disinfection of our physical plant occurs daily and between classes especially in areas where there is high circulation of our students and teachers.  The school is sprayed with disinfectant on a daily basis after students and staff have retired for the day.

  • We ensure that our installations receive sufficient natural ventilation and constantly monitor the concentration of CO2 in classrooms; the results of these measurements are excellent, ratifying healthy circulation of air.


  • Signposting is constantly reviewed and maintained around the school indicating hygienic zones, food protocols, safe distancing, and the direction of walkways.

Campañas Educativas

  • We use a range of mediums like infographics, virtual posters, and pamphlets to conduct educational campaigns focused on the behaviors expected in the different communal areas.

Actividades al aire libre

  • Full advantage is made of our ample green spaces to conduct activities in the open air permitting ventilated social distance in PE classes, corporal expression, and integration activities.  

CIEDI - Biosafety and Outdoor Activities
Biosafety-CIEDI- Handwashing and disinfection-A safe environment

Un ambiente seguro

  • With the circulation of natural ventilation and ample space to guarantee physical distance our classrooms are safe areas for the health of our students.

  • The recess schedules are divided to limit the number of students who are at play at the same time.

  • We constantly check the capacity of our restaurant to limit the number of students present at any given time; signaling on the floor and on the tables indicates appropriate physical distancing.

Contingency Committee

  • Our Contingency Committee (Comite de Contingencia) leads and coordinates the implementation and evaluation of the school’s biosecurity protocols to take assertive decisions about the security of our community in light of the pandemic.

Virtual learning

The school has invested heavily in interactive screen which permit students at home to instantly interact with both teachers and their peers in the classroom, allowing us to ensure quality and equality of access to both presential and virtual students

How is biosecurity guaranteed in the presential school?

The whole school community has received induction and continues to receive reminders and information through posters, signposting, campaigns, etcetera. Students in all spaces are accompanied by adults to guarantee physical distancing and consistent use of face masks.

Biosafety-physical distancing in pandemic