With our families

Projects and programs implemented with CIEDI’s families.

Look into some of our initiatives aimed to worked close with families in order to foster the Home-school team dynamic.  


One of our great priorities is to care for and promote the emotional health of all members of our learning community.


For this reason, we offer spaces called “CIEDI Parent Encounters for Training and Parenting – EPC” to our mothers, fathers and caregivers.  These encounters are intended to provide them with information and tools that contribute to the upbringing and development processes of their children.Una de las grandes prioridades de nuestra institución es cuidar y promover la salud emocional de todos los miembros de la comunidad educativa. Por eso, para nuestros padres, madres y cuidadores ofrecemos los espacios llamados “Encuentros de Padres CIEDI para la Formación y la Crianza – EPC”. Estos tienen como propósito acompañarlos con información y herramientas que contribuyan a la crianza y al proceso de desarrollo de sus hijos.

Encuentros de Padres CIEDI - EPC - Fortalecimiento Equipo Casa - Colegio.

What happens at EPCs?

  • EPCs are virtual or presential workshops and conferences with the objective of the provision of information and strategies for managing key themes involved in family life and raising children.  

Strategies shared at EPCs are appropriate for families of children of all ages?

  •  Yes, one of the main characteristics of EPCs is that they are delivered with a DEVELOPMENT PERSPECTIVE, meaning that they are not directed only to a certain age, but they explain how this topic is handled in the different stages of our children’s development.
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