My PYP journey

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Mariana Mejía Arana

Fifth grade

This journey turned out to be something that I could have never imagined. I thought that this project was just something we had to do to go to middle school, but it was so much more than that.

To begin with, my group was very strange. We were not all friends in the beginning, we were a separated group. Dani and Isa always did PYP things together, and so did Zoe and I. But the experience united us. If we hadn´t become a group, I will never know how fun Daniella and Isabela actually are, and they would hace never become some of my best friends along with Zoe.

Quality Education

We did face many challenges like changing everything 3 moth before the PYP and not being able to finish our product until after everyone had started to writing their script. But we made it through with patience, and because we were doing something we were passionate about.

Quality Education

Having chosen “Quality Education” with my teammates, was a choice that helped us reflect upon many things we learned that many kids don´t have the same opportunities as us, and that is why we should appreciate everything we have, more.

Well, this was my experience. I definitely think that this journey helped me grow as a person, and a better person.

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