Three unconventional practices to manage your children’s emotions assertively.

As adults we go through phases and challenges alongside the boys, girls and teenagers throughout of their growth. Although we had understood the importance of recognizing, accepting and living with a wide array of emotions and feelings, it will depend on this process that our children manage to set positive goals, feel and show empathy […]

The importance of nature in education: Natures’s classroom

The human being belongs to the natural world: that is why during the early childhood, the need to be in contact with nature emerges spontaneously, like an innate characteristic of the evolving human process. None the less, in big cities our children grow in artificial environments, concrete landscapes, distant from the natural settings from where […]

Bullying: one concept, many perspectives

How to know if it is bullying or a temporary fight between teenagers? Fortunately, school conflicts started to be categorized since a few years ago, and today we have more tools to handle situations for prevention and timely manner solutions for intimidating cases. According to the Article#2 of the 1620th law of 2013, Bullying or […]

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