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Reasons that will inspire you to become part of our CIEDI family:

Values and happiness as vital pillars of development

Focus on well-being and positive education

International and multicultural mindset

Pioneers in implementing the continuous IB curriculum (Preschool, Primary, and High School).

Identifying talents and skills to enhance individualized and holistic progress.

Small and personalized groups

Play-based learning and Process of Inquiry.

Integration with nature as a learning environment

Holistic development of the individual: integration of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects

Constant implementation of innovation and pedagogical quality

A strong sense of community built through shared experiences that bind us together

Natural bilingual learning of Spanish and English from early childhood, along with intensive French from fourth grade

We nurture empowered leaders in their life pursuits, who positively impact the world:

We team up with our families, involving parents in the comprehensive educational process.

Our certifications and partnerships:

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We are Co-educational; We follow an August-June academic calendar; We are bilingual; We are an IB Worls School.

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