This is show children learn through preschool

Every child at a preschool age is curious. They learn through experience and interactions. We invite you to learn more about the day to day at our preschool.  
Nuestro Preescolar en CIEDI, un espacio cálido, afectivo, de seguimiento y acompañamiento constante al niño y a su familia

The CIEDI preschool is an inviting and warm space that consistently monitors your childs process during the formative years of their academic career (PreKinder, Kinder 4, Kinder 5 and Transition). Under the principles of emotional well being and personal safety, the fundamental objective during this stage is to provide continuous support in the childs holistic development as guaranteeing progress in the development of social, communication, inquiry, motor, and thinking skills. 

In order to encourage the active participation of the child in the learning process, our pedagogy includes diverse strategies and current best practices (Reggio Emilia, Making Thinking Visible, Inquiry Based Learning). In this manner, the thoughts and ideas of each child are valued and documented. This makes thinking visible, allowing each child to begin the process of acquiring conceptual knowledge.  

The academic process is aligned with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program which begins in preschool through the development of units of inquiry. Each unit of inquiry generates diverse, meaningful, relevant, stimulating and challenging learning experiences. These experiences also allow the student to use their senses to explore and understand the elements that make up their world; the child himself, his family, and school.  

The units of inquiry are learning projects that connect the different disciplines (Art, Mathematics, Language, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education) through concept based learning. This allows for meaningful and lasting learning experiences that can be applied and transferred to different real-world contexts. 


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