Diploma Program

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CIEDI - Escuela Alta - Programa Diploma (PD) - Bachillerato Internacional (IB)-Preparación para la Vida Universitaria-Experiencia Educativa de Alta Calidad

High School

High school at CIEDI consists of Grades 10th  and 11th , with students from 16-18 years old. The students must complete the highly demanding Diploma Program (DP), and receive constant, comprehensive support from CIEDI staff to help them do so. The DP is a high-quality educational experience that is excellent preparation for university.  

In the DP, students can choose classes that interest them and allow them to develop their talents. CIEDI places special emphasis in helping students find what they are passionate about so that they can have productive, satisfying lives as professionals.  

Students choose six different subjects, in at least five different fields of knowledge. They also work in three areas which are the heart of the DP: the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and the Creativity, Action and Service program. Students develop holistically in the DP, becoming stronger academically and emotionally, while also becoming more compassionate and empathetic.  

Our students develop an open-minded, respectful attitude towards the world and its cultural diversity, gaining a greater understanding of the complexity of interactions among and across cultures, and how those interactions affect the environment.  

Finally, our students combine their academic work with artistic activities and sports that enhance their school experience and help them fulfill the pedagogic goals of both the IB and of CIEDI.  

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