What is CAS?

Creativity, Activity & Service.

The CAS program is the articulation of service and learning as the cornerstone of the education of our students as whole human beings.  If we want our youth to develop the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, then we must provide space where they can be developed to positively impact the society around us.


Alongside the academic rigor of the IB Diploma Program CAS at CIEDI aims to create authentic spaces with enriching experiences which challenge our students to develop skills and attitudes that will serve them throughout their lives.  CAS is where our learning community articulates CIEDI’s philosophy as with the MEGAS communicated in our Expedition 2020.


As well as forming alliances with different institutions we have worked to knit ourselves into the wider society around the school.  We share below some of the special learning moments that our CAS students have enjoyed.




John Jairo Rojas


CAS Coordinador