45 years of inspiring to transform

45 years of inspiring to transform

CIEDI´s story: a constant evolution towards achieving the highest standards of educational quality. 

With a deep love for education and visionary thinking, in 1977 Clara Gutiérrez de Palacios undertook the construction of an educational project based on recognizing each human being as unique and unrepeatable.  That is how Colegio Internacional de Educación Integral (“International School of Comprehensive Education” in English), CIEDI, was born.


"CIEDI emerged as a response to two of the main problems facing the Colombian educational system at the time: the massification of education and the transmission of knowledge without taking into account the needs and individual characteristics of the students."

This essence of the school’s central promise of value has been maintained throughout 45 years, despite the different moments marked by its evolution.  

In 1977, CIEDI stood for Children’s Center for Comprehensive Education (Centro Infantil de Educación Integral). The image that represented it was the silhouette of a child with a ball on one side and books on the other, symbolizing play and study.

The school grew year after year, and in 1983, when its oldest students were in third grade, CIEDI took its first big step and moved to its current location. The meaning of its acronym became Centro Integral de Educación Individualizada (“Comprehensive Center for Individualized Education” in English.) 

In 1998, it became a bilingual school (Spanish-English) and became a calendar B school (August to June).

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The bilingual approach was complemented by the international vision of the programs proposed by the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Organization, thanks to the synergy between the IB and the school’s philosophy.

In 2006, CIEDI obtained approval for the Primary Years Program (PYP) and Middle Years Program (MYP).  The process was consolidated in July 2008, with the approval of the Diploma Program (DP). Therefore, CIEDI became one of the first schools in Colombia to offer the full continuum of IB programs.

In 2009 CIEDI underwent its second vital evolution, as an international bilingual calendar B school its acronym became: Colegio Internacional de Educación Integral. 

In its continuous search for quality and recognizing the need to follow international standards, CIEDI opted to follow the Total Quality philosophy. For this purpose, it adopted the model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), achieving Access Level certification in 2008 and the Commitment to Excellence 2 Star certification in 2015.

In 2019, it obtained Cognia certification, an important seal of educational quality recognized worldwide.

Today CIEDI is defined as a learning community that inspires and forms integral human beings who build their life project and lead the transformation of their environment.  The school is prepared to take on new challenges aimed at raising the welfare of its students, their families, and all stakeholders.

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